Reply forex With", 01:43 PM investimenti #15, there are four types of moving averages simple, Exponential, forex strategies Smoothed and Linear weighted with different signals settings quanto high, low, close, high and low /2 canada and all have different value so what canada we use in our forex trading depends on investimenti our trading strategy.
Reply With", 05:20 PM #18, well brother.
You can change the period and method with your android own best structure guadagnare settings.They give same forex meaning.SQL Error: Can't connect to piattaforme local MySQL server through socket var/run/mysqld/ck' (2) at line.You have more canada to choose with the MA, It can also be, SMA, LMA etc. 06:39 commissioni PM #1, dear friends I forex am opzioni trading with MT4 platform ans using canada MA for technical analysis.Simply SMA is guida slow as compare to EMA.In my experience, EMA dan SMA is forex not different each other but I feel that EMA is more easy and quickly give signal luxe early than online SMA.Nearly same but still, those three types of moving averages are different.Friends waiting for your reply.Before using EMA, I use SMA 10, and SMA.Any way MA means moving average, EMA means Exponential moving average and SMA means simple moving average.Reply With", 10:49 forex PM #19 there are setups forex to change the standard moving averages to custom one.What is there use?This is very nice question.Different settings will provide different result and rules how to apply it in our trade. But remember it MA, EMA, SMA one kind of trend indicators, and the using system fully depend on trading time t I think MA 13, EMA 20,and SMA 25 better for H4 time frame.
I use EMA30, and EMA.
Now I want to know about the use of EMA and SMA.

What is the different between MA, EMA and SMA?
During this time many senior trader using EMA for trading, because EMA is an indicator very effective, though slow in giving the signal.